You may think of a safe as something that only millionaires or infamous movie villains use, but there are so many good uses for a safe that, really, most people should own one. Not so sure? Read our blog today to find out what you can keep in your safe, and then look into safe sales from Pro-Lock & Safe today.

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The Safe Is For You, Not Your Thief

Something a lot of people don’t realize is that your safe shouldn’t actually be filled with precious, irreplaceable family heirlooms. If a thief were to break into your home, they could potentially force you to open the safe and your gold, your great-grandmother’s engagement ring, and piles of money would be free for the taking. Keep items like these in a bank safe-deposit box.

It’s actually ideal to use your safe for things that are important to you, but maybe not so important to a potential thief. Each item inside the safe is there more for security, organization, and safekeeping.

Important Papers

The papers you store in your safe do not appeal to thieves. However, storing them in a fireproof, waterproof safe will protect them from damage. Here are some of the important papers that are wise to keep inside your safe:

  • Passports – If you can’t find your passport in your office, you’ll face a big cost to have one expedited to you, and you may not even get it before your trip depending on timing.
  • Birth & Marriage Certificates – You may not realize just how important these certificates are until you need them in a pinch and discover you can’t find them.
  • Social Security Cards –  Whenever you start a new job, you’ll need your social security card to prove it’s legal for you to work, and carrying your card on you at all times is risky.
  • Property Titles – You can replace your car or house titles, but if you’re already storing all of your important files together, why not go ahead and throw these in, too? You’ll save yourself a headache later on.
  • Insurance Policies – When you’ve had an unwelcome thief in your home or your house has burned down, you’ll be grateful you have this information — complete with important phone numbers — on hand.
  • Power of Attorney Documents – Instead of thinking you’ll never need to have your power of attorney form accessible and then forgetting where you stored it, keep it in your safe for when the occasion arises.
  • Wills And Living Trusts – If something happens to you, your safe is a likely place someone would look for your will. Make sure to not only keep your will, but also any wills for which you are the designated executor.  
  • Financial Account Information – Can you handle it if your computer doesn’t auto populate all of your usernames and passwords for you? Store passwords, contact and account information, and a list of all of your creditors.
  • Medical Information – You don’t need receipts from every doctor’s visit, but include names and phone numbers of family doctors and copies of your medical prescriptions.

Important Items

Again, would-be thieves aren’t particularly interested in these items, and storing them in a safe would allow you to easily take them with you in an emergency. If your house is on fire, of course, you may not have time to grab the safe and you’re trying to escape. Instead, find fireproof safe sales.

  • House Photos – If your home is destroyed in a fire or is burglarized, having photos of what it looked like before will be incredibly valuable when working through insurance.
  • Spare Car Keys – This is more secure than a hide-a-key, and it will mean you know exactly where your spare keys are — instead of accidentally using them and then not knowing where either set of keys is.
  • Personal Treasures – We told you not to place family heirlooms in your safe, but vintage photos, tape recordings, valuable collections, and emergency cash (no more than $300) all belong.

Choose Pro-Lock & Safe

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