In movies and television shows, there’s always that one character that can easily pick a lock with a bobby pin. From your favorite horror movie, Silence Of The Lambs, to the television show, Once Upon A Time, the bad and the good guys are able to get out of a sticky situation by picking a lock with a bobby pin. As a kid, you may have tried it and as an adult, you probably wondered about it. So what’s the truth behind the bobby pin and the lock? Does it work? Is it just Hollywood playing with our minds? If you were in a sticky situation, would you be able to get out of it by picking a lock? Let’s find out!

The Truth About Picking A Lock With A Bobby Pin

In today’s blog, we’ll be finding out the truth about bobby pins. Do they actually work? The answer is that it depends on the method you choose and your own skills. It also depends on how well you can visualize a lock — we’ll get into this a bit later. Picking a lock with a bobby pin can be a very tricky ordeal because the tool is such a light, thin one and a lock can be very large and heavy. So while it’s possible to actually pick a lock with a bobby pin, it’s not easy, and it takes some serious skills.

What To Know

While we don’t encourage you to pick locks with bobby pins, it’s still a fun topic to explore. To be successful in this endeavor, you need to straighten a bobby pin out and create tension, so it’s strong enough to make those locks click to open. You’ll also need to understand how a lock works. To be able to use a bobby pin, your mind will need to conjure an image of a lock to understand the basic concept of where the pins and the tumblers go. You should keep in mind that not every lock is created equally. Some locks are much more complex than others. Some have a lock and a deadbolt. Remember that locks are there to keep people out, so it’s a lot more tricky than you think.

It’s important to note that the best way to unlock a door is by knowing about tumblers and pins as well as the manufacturing flaws. After all, most things are created with flaws. The pins and the tumblers are the foundation of a lock. When you know the basic concept of these types of locks, then it can be a little easier to use a bobby pin. A lock is made up of a plug, springs, housing, driver pins, and key pins. However, the main part of a lock is the shear line. The shear line is the physical gap where the plug is alienated from the housing due to the pins and is the reason why a lock is unable to turn if there’s not the right key.

How To Use A Bobby Pin

There are a few different methods for picking a lock. One of them can be more effective than another depending on your own skillset. We decided to detail one method for unlocking a lock with a bobby pin to give you a better idea of how difficult this can actually be.

You’ll need to bend the bobby pin in an L shape. Put the bottom of the L in the bottom of the lock and make sure to push it as deep as possible while keeping it low. Then you’ll want to turn the lock very lightly in the direction that the lock opens in — for this reason, it’s vital that you know locks. Use the lever just like it was a key, so you can open it the way it needs to be. The pressure is vital, especially since the bobby pin is so light. The pressure should be heavy, but not strained because the pins need to be trapped as well as loose.

Once you’ve finished with that, you’ll need to insert a second bobby pin as a pick with the bent side up to feel for the pins. You’ll feel the pins by moving them up and down. You may have to jiggle it, but know that the bent end should be up and you’ll be pushing the pins with the tip of the bobby pin. You’ll want to do this for however many pins are in the lock. The most common and difficult area for picking a lot is adjusting the lever since the bobby pin can be too light to unlock a door.

Sometimes, if you get locked out of your house or your business, you may feel inclined to try this method; however, it can be easier to call a 24-hour locksmith such as Pro-Lock And Safe. While it’s fun to know you can unlock a door with a bobby pin, it’s best to contact a 24-hour locksmith service to avoid breaking the lock or looking like you’re robbing your own house or business. If you find yourself locked out of your home or your business, contact us today.