Keeping your home secure is imperative. You and your family members deserve to feel safe and protected in your own home. You should never worry about what may go on while you’re away from your home or while you’re sleeping. When you invest in locks that are secure, you’ll create a safe haven for your home. At Pro-Lock And Safe, we can help you pick out a lock that keeps your home secure and the people in it safe. Our residential services also include helping you unlock, change, or remove keys from the locks in your home as well as install locks to keep you and your loved ones safe. We also offer a 24-hour locksmith service, which means that anytime of the day or the night we are available to help you get into your home, vehicle, or business. For more information on our 24-hour locksmith company, contact us today.

Four Types Of Popular Locks

Having a lock on your front door is the key to keeping you and your family safe from any intruders. A secure front door for your home will build security in your home. Many people think that it’s okay to just have one type of security for their door, but it’s vital that you take the necessary precautions with your front door. There are four common types of locks that many people have on their front door, in their residence, and commercial business. Each one has something a little different to offer, but each type of lock will keep your home secure and free from intruders.


We covered deadbolts in depth in The Importance Of A Deadbolt. These popular types of door locks are used by many people because of the security that they offer. They are even popular in commercial businesses as well. Many people who decide on using the deadbolt tend to use a single cylinder deadbolt because you can open them with a key as well as a turn of a knob. While the deadbolt is a versatile type of lock, it’s mostly used to secure the outside door such as the front door or the patio door. A deadbolt lock is the most popular type of door for the outside door because it provides security and it’s affordable. A deadbolt has a metal bolt that clicks into the door jam and is controlled by a latch. The deadbolt comes in a few different types such as the single, double, Jimmy proof, and the captive.

Door Knob Locks

Another type of door lock that we use is the door knob locks. The door knob lock is a popular type of lock for the bedroom, garage, patio, and the front door. This type of lock is on both sides of the door. One side has a lock and the other has a keyhole to unlock the door. When you want to use a door knob lock, be aware that these knobs are easy to find and are versatile. While many people use this type of lock on the inside of the house, others may find that knob locks are best for the interior of their home. If you decide to use the door knob on the outside of your home, keep in mind that you should use a bolt as well to ensure that your home is secure.

Keyless Entry Pads

At Pro-Lock And Safe, we can install a keyless entry into your home. Instead of using keys to get into your home or your business, you can use an entry pad. This keyless entry pad comes in many different forms. The keyless entry pad is a piece of technology that controls the locks in your house. The deadbolts that are on the keypad are used as a way to lock the room. There is a code that you will use to open the door. The keyless entry pad is a more expansive type of lock due to the features that it provides. For instance, you can implement a card system or a touch pad at your job to ensure that everyone stays safe in the facility.

Cylindrical Lever Lock

The fourth most popular type of lock is the cylindrical. The cylindrical lever is a type of lock that is common in commercial and residential settings. This type of lock is a competitor of door knobs because they are both easy to use and to find. A cylindrical lever lock is the most simple to use and is much more efficient making it a great choice for a home lock. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lock for your business, then this is an excellent choice.

If you’re looking for commercial or residential 24-hour locksmith services, then we have you covered. Get started with a trustworthy locksmith today!