Ever locked your keys in the car? We all have at some point or another. If you’re lucky, you have a spare nearby. If you’re slightly less lucky, you have a spare at home. If you’re really unlucky, you live half an hour away from your house with no hope of getting to that spare and then getting back into work after lunch.

It’s a scenario that happens fairly regularly, as we’re sure you can imagine! But just because it happens to you doesn’t mean you have to stay at work forever. It’s hard enough to stay at work for eight hours every single day and we understand that there’s no reason for you to be there any longer than that!

At Pro-Lock and Safe, our goal is to be the 24-hour locksmith that gets you back into your car so you can get on the road and get home!

We’re the Emergency Locksmith You Can Count On

When it comes to the “locked keys in car” scenario, we’ve seen it all. Whether they’re at the grocery store, at the office, or in a different town altogether, locking your keys in the car is always stressful. Heck, we’ve even seen keys get locked in the car while it’s running!

What you should know is that it happens to everyone.

Some people are lucky enough to have left the window rolled down just enough to reach in and press the unlock button. Others try and try, but just can’t get back in.

At Pro-Lock and Safe, we want you to know that you can count on our expertise in these situations. Our goal is to have a satisfied customer every time. We know that locking your keys in the car was likely not the highlight of your day, so we’ll work hard to get to you quickly and get your car unlocked with a minimum level of fuss.

Searching for a Car Locksmith Near You?

Here at Pro-Lock and Safe, we’re a 24-hour locksmith which means no matter where you are, we’re always just a phone call away. We’ll answer quickly, arrive quickly, and get the job done the right way quickly–all in order to make sure that you can get back to what you need to get done.

When you need a locksmith who will go above and beyond to make sure you get safely back into your car, we’re the company you can trust. Whether the solution to your problem is to unlock your doors or make you a replacement car key, we’ll do what it takes to make sure that you’re able to continue on in your day.

We understand that what you’ve experienced isn’t something you wanted to happen, but you can take comfort in the fact that nearly everyone locks their keys in their car at some point or another. What you can expect from us is that we’ll be there for you when you need us the most, treating you kindly and providing you with a professional experience that gets you back on the road.

If you’re locked out, we can help!