Technology takes so much off our shoulders. Information is at the touch of your fingertips; you can find great restaurants by using apps; and, if you’re ever locked out of your car, home, or business, you can find a 24 hour locksmith in the Felton area. However, as simplified as our lives have become due to technology, it’s also added many complications as well. For example, scams are currently in abundance. From stealing money from the elderly because of fake grandchildren to fake locksmith companies, there’s a scam for what seems like everything. Many people have become suspicious of these scams, but there are also just as many who want to give people the benefit of the doubt. At Pro-Lock & Safe, we want to make sure you’re safe. Not only in your home, car, or business with sturdy locks, but also that you steer clear of these scams.

How To Protect Yourself

As a 24 hour locksmith service, we understand safety. Protecting yourself is one of the most important things to consider no matter where you are. However, keeping you safe from scams and helping you get back into your home are two different things. The best way to protect yourself from a scam from locksmith companies is by finding a reputable company prior to needing one. If you find yourself locked out of your car or you’re locked out of your house because you forgot your keys, then you’ll be much more desperate to find a locksmith company, which makes you much more susceptible to scam. After all, you’re desperate and you’re not thinking straight because you’re so focused on finding a company that will help you.

Another way to keep yourself safe is by looking for companies that have an actual name. For example, we’re Pro-Lock & Safe. That’s our name and we have always been Pro-Lock & Safe, for 30 years. If you find a company that’s just services or locksmith company, then that’s not reputable. In addition to having a name, they should have an address as well.

Pro-Lock & Safe has over 30 years of expertise in 24 hour locksmith for automobiles, commercial businesses, and homes. We are licensed as well, so you know that we are not a scam. In addition, each of the employees we hired go through background checks and is extremely trustworthy. After all, we wouldn’t hire them otherwise! For further information about our reputable 24 hour locksmith services, contact us today.

The Most Common Scams

So how do you know that you’re being scammed and what types of scams are out there? That’s a great question! As we mentioned above, we believe very strongly in safety and one of the way to be as safe as can be is to ensure that you’re as educated as possible. If you know about the most common scams that are occuring in the locksmith industry, then you’ll be able to feel more protected and know what to do if you spot a scam. There are four main ones currently and they are all listed below:

  • New Handle Scam: The New Handle Scam is when a supposed locksmith makes a claim that the only way to get into a customer’s home is by breaking the handle of the door or wrenching it off. Once the damage has been done, then the customer will need to buy one of the alleged locksmith’s overly expensive replacements. However, the customer doesn’t know that they’ll need to buy a replacement until after the damage has been completed. Pro-Lock & Safe would never gain access to a house by breaking the door handle. We have the proper tools and knowledge to gain entry into someone’s house without breaking anything.
  • Bait And Switch: Another scam is called the Bait And Switch. The Bait And Switch is a scam where a locksmith will market very low and unreasonable prices to bring in business. Once the work has been done, then the scammer will charge 400 to 500 percent more once they’ve completed the work. At Pro-Lock & Safe, we have realistic prices and we won’t ever overcharge you. In fact, we have free estimates, so you know exactly what you’ll be charged.
  • Cash Only Scam: Cash only scams are very big right now because when you give someone cash, there’s no money trail and there’s no ability to dispute the charge later on. The cash only scam will have a scammer pretend to be a locksmith and then they’ll fix the customer’s lock, followed by declaring they can only take cash for a payment for one reason or another. Obviously, our 24 hour locksmith service takes any form of payment.
  • Identity Theft: Lastly, identity theft is also very big right now. Identity theft is when a person pays the price they expect, received a moderate service, but the scammer steals their private information to use themselves or to sell. Identity theft happens many different ways, so many sure that when you interact with any service you only give what you need to and to a trustworthy source.

For more information about locksmith scams, continue to read our blog.