In Part One, we covered four scams to avoid. While you may not always be on the lookout for a scam — and we hope you aren’t — it’s vital to be aware of them. The best way you can be aware is by knowing what to look for. At Pro-Lock & Safe, we understand the importance of staying safe on many different levels. The reason we want to cover locksmith scams is because they are on the rise.

With technology changing, it can become easier and easier to trick people into believing that they are in the right hands. When you search for a listing for a locksmith and you use your phone, there are call centers that use high-tech ploys to trick Google into thinking they are actual locations in the neighborhood. These call centers may be out of state or in another country. The lead gens, or lead generators, have a group of people on hand to be sent out to meet you when the details are forwarded. While we don’t want to frighten you, it’s important that you know what to look for when it comes to a scam.

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Signs To Look For In A Locksmith Scam

As we mentioned in Part One, we discussed the four most common scams. We also touched on how to protect yourself, but we’d also like to expand on that. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing signs to look for in a locksmith scam to know that it’s a scam. You may think that you have all of the answers about scams because we touched on how to be safe and the types of the scams to look out for, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the signs to look for in a locksmith fraud. Below you’ll find just a few signs to look out for to let you know that you may be a victim of a locksmith swindle.

Prices Too Low

The first sign for a locksmith scam is too low of prices. We touched on this previously in Part One. Too low of prices are a sure sign that something a little out of the ordinary is going on with the locksmith service you hired. One of the scams we touched on was a fraud that priced their services too low and then raised them when the customer went to pay. If the prices are way too low, then it might be too good to be true. Some locksmiths charge for the job and others by the hour, but at Pro-Lock & Safe, we offer free estimates because we know that you need to budget.

Unmarked Vehicles

Another sign is unmarked vehicles. You’ve probably had many different types of services come to your home from landscaping to plumbing, but has any one of them not marketed their company? Vehicles are great ways to market, so as a company, wouldn’t you want to advertise your business name all over your vehicle? An unmarked vehicle is a surefire way to spot a scam because marketing is a must if you want to get the word out about your company.

Cash Only Policies

If the business only takes cash, then you may be looking at a scam. A cash-only policy is a sign that the company may not be legitimate. They may give you reasons such as the credit card machine is broken or they are between systems, but cash-only is a big sign not to trust a business. In addition, paying cash only means that you can’t get it back. If you pay with a card, you can dispute the amount, but when you pay with cash, the money is gone because there’s no paper trail.

Negative Online Reviews

This one may be a bit out of the ordinary because a lot of places don’t always have the best online reviews, but very negative ones is another sign that you may be dealing with a scam. One of the great things about the internet is that other people can post reviews about their experience however great or terrible. Trust your neighbors and others in your area who have reviewed the company to know whether you’re being scammed or not.

Payment Upfront

Lastly, paying up front is something you should never do. Paying up front is a sign that something isn’t right with the company because when have you ever been asked to pay for anything up front, especially for a service? If you pay up front, then there’s no incentive for the service to do a good job or to complete it.

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