Keys and locks are arguably some of the most important assets in a home. Without a sturdy lock, anyone can walk into your home, and obviously that’s not something you want to deal with. Without your keys, you can’t leave your home or get into it, if you’re unlucky enough to have locked yourself out.

At Pro-Lock & Safe, we strive to offer services that will ensure that the keys and locks in your life work accordingly. After all, there’s nothing worse than that panic that forms in the pit of your stomach when your car, home, or your business can’t be opened because the key or the lock doesn’t work. Whether you’re interested in rekeying your home or you have a safe that needs cracking, our 24 hour locksmith company is prepared to help you to the best of our abilities. If you’re dealing with key and lock issues, then don’t hesitate to contact Pro-Lock & Safe.

Our Services

In today’s blog, we’re going to be covering an essential topic. While it’s fun to read about picking locks, important locks to take with you on a trip, and what to look for in a 24 hour locksmith, our blog post today will go over everything you need to know about our services. It’s vital that you know who to call when you’re locked out of your car or your home. If you’re dealing with business key and lock issues, then you should know who to contact. We’ll help you know who you can trust and call when it comes to locking yourself out of your house or if you need to cut a new key.

Below, we supplied you with exactly what you need to know about our locksmith company. We’ll go over each of the services that you can expect with us and why you should choose us when you start to feel that panic rise in your stomach.

Residential Services

Your home should be a place that you can relax and take a load off. If your home gets a little more messy than is probably socially acceptable, it’s not a huge deal because it’s your home. If your home is decorated in old 80s movie posters, then there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s your private residence. When your privacy has been violated, you don’t feel as comfortable in your home. This is why we offer residential locksmith services that are easy and essential to any home.

From lock sales and services to installing patio door locks, our number one priority is making sure that your home is exactly the way you want it. Some of the residential locksmith services you can expect from Pro-Lock & Safe are deadbolt installation, rekeying locks, making lost keys, and removing broken keys from doors. These are just some of the residential locksmith services you can expect with us.

Automotive Services

When you’re on your way somewhere and you can’t access your car, then it can be nerve-wracking. Whether you left your pet or your young child in the car for a split second and the car locked with your keys inside or you’re stuck in an area of town that you don’t know, it’s imperative that you have an auto locksmith at your disposal to ensure that you don’t have to worry about these issues. If you lock yourself out, then you can call on our 24 hour locksmith to help you out of your jam. When it comes to our automotive services, we can help with opening your car when you lock them inside. Emergency door openings are our forte, no matter where you may be located and the time of the day. We can help when it comes to auto key and lock issues.

Commercial Services

When you own a business, the last thing you want to worry about is your door not working. That can be bad for business, after all. At Pro-Lock & Safe, we understand as a business owner that you’re probably in a hurry to open your business or close it. We’ll make sure when you have a security problem to be at your establishment as quickly as possible because we believe in efficiency.

The commercial locksmith services that we offer will keep your business going since we offer everything you can imagine when you’re dealing with a key orlock issue. From Master Key systems to panic bars, our commercial services include everything you need to have a safe business. Some of the services we offer are keyless entry, access control, door repair, door replacement, and safe sales and services.

Safe Sales

Our last and more obscure service has to do with safes. Safes come in many different forms from purchasing one online to protect your valuables to inheriting them from a relative, these essential machines will help you alleviate that anxious feeling in the bottom of your stomach. Our safe services aren’t just for opening and changing combinations either, we also buy and sell used safes. Other safe services that we offer are replacing and repairing locks as well as moving and installing them. We are also X-09 and X-10 certified.

Are you interested in honest services? Do you want the job to be finished in a timely manner? Are you tired of receiving surprise bills? Our 24 hour locksmith is just what you need! Pro-Lock & Safe will provide free estimates and you don’t have to worry about an obligation if you’re not happy with the estimate. If you’d like to work with a trusted 24 hour locksmith service, then we can meet your expectations.