When you’re locked out of anywhere, it can be scary, especially if you’re in an area of a city, town, or out in the country that you don’t know. As a 24 hour locksmith, we want to share with you some tips for finding the right service when you’re locked out of your car or house. After all, we don’t want you waiting around on the side of the road or outside of your house for hours on end for someone to come help you. Additionally, it’s important to note that there are many scams that people can use to take advantage of you, which is why we’ve compiled these tips to ensure you’re in the right hands. For more information on scams, read The Guide To Locksmith Scams – Part One and Two. If you find yourself locked out of your house or car, then know that you can count on our 24 hour locksmith.

Four Tips For Choosing A Locksmith

What should you look for in a 24 hour locksmith? What should you be aware of when searching online or doing research about locksmiths? It’s important to note that there’s a difference between a trustworthy locksmith and a locksmith that’s unreliable. Locksmiths that are unreliable will leave you outside waiting, waiting, and doing more waiting instead of helping you right away. At Pro-Lock & Safe, we’ll come to you as soon as possible to unlock your car or house. With our many locksmith services, we strive to be there in a jiffy. We know that you may have important items in your car, need to get somewhere in a hurry, or just want to feel comfortable knowing you’re in trustworthy hands. These tips will help you know how to choose the right locksmith in Felton for when you’re in a sticky situation.

Request An Estimate

According to the Better Business Bureau®, the best way to find the best 24 hour locksmith is to request an estimate. Requesting an estimate is important because you don’t want to be charged an arm and a leg. It’s also a good way to be aware of any scams in the locksmith world. If the estimate sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Additionally, before the locksmith comes to help you, you’ll want to know what you’ll be paying for. Will you need to cover the cost of labor? Do you also need to purchase new replacement parts for the lock? Is a new key included? A locksmith who has a good reputation and is trustworthy will provide an estimate over the phone and will offer details if you need to charge extra for needing help at an odd hour.

Check Credentials

In addition to requesting an estimate, you’ll want to check the credentials. You can do this online or ask over the phone. Checking the credentials will help you know if the locksmith is insured as well as licensed. If the locksmith isn’t licensed or has no credentials, then you may want to choose a different company. You should also check the business name and the logo against the vehicle they arrive in. A locksmith that is dependable will be very open about their credentials. At Pro-Lock & Safe, we’re very open about our credentials. We are licensed and have insurance, just in case.

Do Some Research

The internet allows you to find information on anyone. When it comes to researching businesses, we strongly recommend that you check out every business you would like to work with. We recommend doing this because you want to work with someone who can effectively and efficiently help you instead of waste your time. Take the time to ask for work they’ve done and their services, call the business, as well as check out their reviews online. When you have as much information as you need, then you’re able to make an executive decision about whether this locksmith company is the right one for you. We encourage you to not just look online, but to also call and speak to someone about the business. After all, you probably have questions that you want to be answered and the best way to get answers is to go right to the source.

Save The Information

Lastly, save all of the information that you gather. Whether you’re sitting outside waiting for someone to show up and you want to compare and contrast or you’re just doing research just in case, saving the information will help you break down an itemized receipt, as well as ensure that you have the information for future situations. Save the information in your cell phone because you never know when you need a reputable locksmith or put it in your wallet to save for a later date.

Are you looking for a reputable 24 hour locksmith? Don’t worry, we can help! Efficient, trustworthy, and insured, you can’t find a better locksmith in the Felton area.