In Rekeying vs. Replacing Locks: Discover Which Is Best For You and The Top Reasons You Might Need Your Home Rekeyed, we discussed a good basis of what to know about rekeying your home. However, what about changing the locks? Rekeying and changing the locks are two very different things, as we touched on in Rekeying vs. Replacing Locks: Discover Which Is Best For You. In those blogs, we discussed how to know when you should rekey or change the locks, so today we’ll be following up about when you should change the locks in your home. What types of situations require changing the lock instead of the key?

What Scenarios Lead To A Changed Lock?

Changing your locks can be a nuisance. We understand, but that doesn’t mean you should put off changing them until you necessarily have to. There are many reasons why changing your locks can be a beneficial choice, especially in comparison to rekeying your lock. If you are thinking about changing your locks, you may consider doing it yourself as a Saturday project, but we highly recommend calling our 24 hour locksmith to do it. Our trustworthy locksmith services will complete the changing of your locks in a timely fashion without you needing to lift a finger — except to dial the number of course. So what scenarios generally lead to changing the locks?

Changes In Relationships

In life, you’re constantly forming relationships with people. Some of them aren’t great and others are life changing. However, there is a constant fluctuation of changing relationships in everyone’s life. From best friends to significant others, the relationships in your life will change constantly. This means that when a relationship with someone does change, it’s imperative that you take the right measures. When you and your partner split up, take the time to change your locks. If your best friend has your house key to feed your dog when you’re not there and you decide to sever the relationship, make sure you change your locks. While you may think that you should give that person the benefit, it’s best that you take the precaution to keep your home safe.


Are you moving into a new house or apartment? If you purchased the place, then we suggest that you change the locks. While you might not think it’s a huge deal because you bought the house and what’s the worst that can happen, it’s in your best interest to change the locks. Not only can you make sure that the old tenants and their friends or family can’t make their way into their home, but it’ll help to switch up the locks to take extra precautions. No matter if you’ve moved a lot in your life or you’ve just bought your first house, changing your locks as soon as possible will protect your house and the items in it.

Stolen Or Lost Keys

Unfortunately, theft happens. Sometimes you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone steals your stuff. On other occasions, you may be unlucky enough to misplace your keys. If you’ve had your purse stolen or someone took your keys, then we urge you to contact us to change your locks. When you lose your keys or they are stolen, then the first thing you should do is replace your locks. Don’t let any time pass if your keys have gone missing because you don’t know who may have them or what they plan to do with them.

Locks That Aren’t Sturdy Anymore

Another reason to change out the locks is because they are not strong anymore. Like most things we own, wear and tear occurs on locks. You’ll find over time that a lock can become more and more difficult to use or the key isn’t working. To ensure that your key doesn’t break off in the lock or another situation that you’d like not to have to deal with, we urge you to change the locks of your door just to make them tougher.

And A Few More For Good Measure

We also strongly encourage you to change the locks of your home if the following have occurred:

  • You’ve made so many keys you’ve lost track of who has them.
  • You’ve had a break in.
  • You want to use the same key or a different one for each door in your house.
  • You want a stronger lock.

For more information about our 24 hour locksmithing services, then take the time to contact us today.