Your purse was stolen, and you’ve just been trying to keep your head above water ever since. You canceled all of your credit cards immediately, you’re in the middle of replacing your driver’s license, and you’re beginning to feel like you’ve got everything handled. After all, you had a spare key at home that you’re using on the house.

Wait. Is that OK? Do you need to rekey your locks now that someone else could potentially have the power to easily break into your home unnoticed?

The answer is obviously yes. There are differences, though, between rekeying and replacing locks. Do you know how these two locksmith services differ? Do you know what is the best option for your situation? If not, you’re fine. Read the Pro-Lock & Safe blog today to learn the pros and cons of each. We are your 24-hour locksmith here in Felton, and we aim to be your resource whether you’re locked out of the house and need an emergency locksmith or you’re comfortable inside and are simply searching for a “locksmith near me” to help you keep your home secure.

Rekeying Locks

A large majority of people believe hiring a local locksmith to completely change locks is the only option when it comes to securing your home. Rekeying locks, though, is an excellent option for a variety of reasons. Let’s talk about how it works.

Without compromising the security of your home, rekeying a lock readjusts its internal workings so it functions with a different key. Sounds pretty simple, right? It is, but it’s not the simplest task for the weekend warrior to do; entrust this job to do a professional locksmith and you’ll save yourself a headache (and ensure the lock will actually work afterward).

Your old lock will stay in the door, but you’ll need to replace your key to match the revamped key pins inside the lock cylinder. When you hire our 24-hour locksmith in Felton to rekey your lock, you can expect the locksmith to remove the lock cylinder and then change and rearrange the key pins.

Pros And Cons Of Rekeying Locks

When you want increased security, rekeying your home is a good option for a variety of reasons:

  • Simple, Fast – It may not be as simple or fast for you to rekey your lock yourself, but it’s certainly one of the faster methods in a locksmith’s arsenal. When you’re worried about the security of your home, the quicker you resolve the issue is best.
  • Improved Security – Whether you’re the new homeowner, you just had keys stolen, or it has simply been a while since the keys were “new,” making all previous keys obsolete is sure to make you feel more comfortable in the home.
  • Affordable – Key pins are inexpensive, so you’re mainly just paying for the labor cost and the low-costing pins. Feeling safe in your home shouldn’t have to cost you more than you can afford, which makes rekeying a highly prized, cost-effective method.

As far as cons of rekeying locks are concerned, there are a couple disadvantages:

  • You’re In Control – This could honestly be seen as a pro or a con, but we classify it as a con because you just never know. A lost or stolen key when you’re in charge means you’ll just have to rekey or replace the lock once again.
  • Limited Security Upgrades – Rekeying the lock will certainly make you feel more secure, but if you were concerned about how good the lock itself was, then rekeying won’t actually do you any good because the lock remains the same.

Replacing Locks

Replacing the lock to your house or other location is, understandably, more difficult — but it can also be more secure.

Your local locksmith will now use an entirely different and possibly even brand new lock instead of simply changing the formation of the key pins within. You may watch a YouTube video or two and next thing you know, you and your partner are trying to tackle the project on an upcoming weekend. You’ll want to have a lock on the subject before you do it yourself though, so it’s far better to trust your local locksmith with the project. Be aware there are plenty of scamming locksmiths out there, so read our Guide To Locksmith Scams when you choose a locksmith company.

Pros And Cons Of Replacing Locks

Think hiring a 24-hour locksmith to replace your locks is the best option? Read the advantages of doing so below and see if they match your expectations:

  • Personalization – You’re a homeowner now and you’ve loved personalizing every other part of your home, so why aren’t you customizing right down to the lock? By replacing the lock entirely, you can choose the exact look and components of security that you would like and feel most comfortable with.
  • Unlimited Security Upgrades – Why not just opt for smart locks instead of traditional locks? Or upgrade to a Grade 1 deadbolt instead of your current Grade 2 and learn The Importance Of A Deadbolt. When you replace your lock, you have the ability to make it as secure as you want.

No plan is without its cons, of course:

  • Increased Costs – Just as a pro of rekeying locks was the low cost, a con of replacing locks is the higher costs. You’ll pay for both parts and labor, and the parts can be much more expensive than the parts for rekeying.

Choose Pro-Lock & Safe

We’re your local locksmith, and we recognize the importance of transparency and quality work. We want you to trust us and know we’re doing good work that will truly enhance your level of security. Whether you need an emergency locksmith when you’re locked out in the middle of the night and are desperately searching for a “24-hour locksmith near me” (and the bobby pin isn’t working) or you simply want a local locksmith for rekeying or replacing your locks, you can count on us. Contact Pro-Lock & Safe in Felton today for help deciding which service will be best for you.