Generally you think of a locksmith as someone who saves the day when you lock your keys in your car or when you need to get back into your home, but what happens when you have a safe that you need to open up? Is there such a thing as a safe locksmith?

Fortunately there is! Is it just like the movies where we’ll break out a stethoscope and listen closely until they are able to crack the safe and open it up? Well, not quite, but we can get the job done either way. So why hire a safe locksmith? That’s the subject of today’s blog, so keep reading to learn more!

A Safe Locksmith Can Help If…

You Forgot the Combination

Perhaps you’ve had a safe in your home for years. It’s the place you store the birth certificates for every member of your family. It’s where you’ve put your marriage license, your social security card, and maybe even some valuable jewelry that’s been in your family for ages. Alas, you’ve forgotten the combination. Don’t worry though, because all is not lost! You might be wondering if your must-have possessions are gone forever, but the team at Pro-Lock and Safe can have it open in no time, ensuring that you’re able to get everything you need. We can also change the combination for you to ensure that you’re able to access the contents of your safe any time you need to.

You Need a New Lock

Maybe you have an old safe that’s seen better days. Regardless of what the exterior looks like, it has functioned perfectly well, ensuring the safety of your valuable documents and jewelry for a number of years. The lock, on the other hand…well, it’s not quite doing its job anymore. Whether that means that it won’t stay locked or whether the lock lock is frozen in place and you can’t get your safe open, it can be a real problem if your safe isn’t actually keeping your things safe. At that point it’s kind of just a clunky metal box. Fortunately for you, we can repair most locks, but if yours proves to be too difficult a task, we can replace it with something newer that will get the job done as well.

You Inherited a Locked Safe

This is maybe the most exciting position to find yourself in. You just inherited an old safe from your great aunt. What’s inside? It could be diamonds and pearls. It might be a piston from the Civil War. You might even luck out and find that the safe you inherited was used to stash silver and gold that was brought over on the Mayflower. Of course it might also simply be filled with old family photos, but those are incredible to have in their own right! Either way, if you came across an old safe and have no combination for it and no way to open it, our master locksmiths would be happy to help you get it open and see what’s inside. Regardless of your inherited safe’s content, we think you’ll agree that having it open will be quite a relief.

Reach Out to Us Today

Whether you’ve found yourself in a situation like one of the scenarios above or another one entirely, you can count on us to provide you with the help you need for your safe. From opening safes to changing combinations to repairing and replacing locks to buying and selling new and  used safes, we do it all. In other words, if it’s a safe or it has a lock on it, it’s right up our alley.

Have a question about your safe? Need to purchase one? No matter what situation you find yourself in, the team at Pro-Lock and Safe in Felton can help. Feel free to contact us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Prefer to speak on the phone? Not a problem! Give us a call at 302-469-6185. However you prefer to contact us, we’re looking forward to meeting with you because we’ve never met a safe we didn’t like. Need some proof? Watch this video of us opening a fifty year old safe!