One of the services we offer at Pro-Lock & Safe is a safe locksmith. Our safe locksmith service is centered around everything to do with safes. Since becoming established in 1986, we have created long-lasting relationships with each of the customers who come to us. Our safe locksmith services range from combination changes, safe maintenance, or replacing and repairing a lock. If you’ve inherited a safe from your relatives or the safe you have isn’t working as well as it used to, our safe locksmith services are just what you need. In addition, we sell and buy used safes for those who want to invest in a safe to keep their items protected.

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the history of safes. Where did they originate from? Have they always been used for keeping things safe? When did the modern safe come into use and are there different types of safes that are used for different things? Each of these questions about safes can help you learn more about their importance. We’re going to address these questions in our blog post to help you better understand our safe locksmith services.

About The Safe

A safe, also known as a strongbox or a coffer, is a type of box that’s locked securely to ensure that any items aren’t stolen or damaged in a fire. A safe can be large or small, but what it holds are items that are important to you. This can mean anything from heirlooms to money. Safes come in many different types and you can choose the right one for you based on what you’re looking for to protect your items. There are room-sized fireproof vaults, fire-resistant safes, wall safes, and jewelry safes.

The difference in each of these safes is how they are made and the security behind them. For example, a wall safe is generally hidden and is a great way to protect documents and any valuables you may want to keep away from people in your home or possible burglars. The depth of the wall safe will allow for maximum space and you can invest in anti-theft protection to conceal the wall. You might have seen safes that are hidden from public view by a painting. These actually exist and one can be yours to protect your valuables. Another type of safe is the jewelry kind, which is more high-end because of what it keeps in it. In these safes, you’ll find jewelry and valuables only.

The specifications for a safe generally have to fall under specific parameters such as being fireproof, environmental and burglar resistant. They should also have a specific type of lock on it such as a key, time lock, electronic, combination, or it can be a smart safe. In addition, the location of the safe should be in a wall or the floor.

Safes During Ancient Times

During ancient times in Egypt, the first person to have a safe on record was Pharaoh Ramesses II during the 13th century B.C.E. Pharaoh Ramesses II had a safe that was made out of wood with a locking system. The locking system was very similar to what we have today called the pin tumbler locks, which was built with movable pins. These movable pins would move into a hole to lock up the safe. This device was very much ahead of the times.

When it comes to a civilization that was the first to have safes, that merit can go to Ancient Rome, which had a specific type of lock called a first fixed lug. The Roman locking was a high security precaution that would protect the merchandise and the goods from being stolen. These Roman merchants would invest in a locking system that had fixed lugs and were considered to be a lock and a security system. When it came to the security measure, they would use different notches that were of varying shapes and sizes so a different key was required to open it. This helped to ensure that valuables couldn’t be taken so easily.

The Rise Of The Modern Safe

When it comes to the modern safe, it wasn’t until engineers in England furthered the idea of security. William Marr, Thomas Milner, Charles Chubb, and Cyrus Price began the British Safe Industry. The British Safe Industry is what changed the world of security and safes. In the middle of the 19th century, these engineers began to develop security measures for business through the United Kingdom. This helped move them further ahead in the industrial world and safes began to move into high demand. However, as quickly as safes were being made, thieves were learning how to crack them just as quickly. Due to this, we have a variety of safes that are now at our disposal thanks to these engineers.

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