Finding incredible things in your safe is a lot more common than you might expect. Sure, sometimes–maybe even a majority of the time–all you end up with is old receipts or deteriorating paperwork. The kicker though is that you never really know until you open it up.

Perhaps you have a safe that you recently inherited from a loved one and you would like to see what’s inside. Maybe you moved into a new home and found out during renovations that someone had installed a safe in the wall at some point down the line. Believe us when we say that these things happen all the time!

No matter what type of safe you need opened, the safe locksmiths at Pro-Lock and Safe in Felton can help. What could be hiding inside of your safe? It’s hard to say, but people have found all kinds of wild things in their safes, and as a matter of fact, that’s the topic of today’s blog.

Old Photographs

This one is pretty common, but in many cases, old safes contain photographs. Although those old photos might not be of large monetary value, they are oftentimes of sentimental value to family members and loved ones. While many find photos of relatives that they frame to enjoy in their homes, others may discover that their loved ones were actually avid photographers, taking shots of nature and candidly documenting the lives of themselves and their friends. No matter what the photographs are of, it’s always a blast seeing a piece of history that’s been preserved in a safe.


In this day and age, we are fortunate to be able to carry around cheap paperback books or even fire up our tablet and enjoy spending a bit of time reading. In the past, however, books were a valuable commodity and family bibles were often passed down from generation to generation. Others have found books containing a collection of autographs of famous celebrities.


One particular case involved a woman finding love letters that her grandparents sent back and forth to one another when they were first dating. This is a beautiful thing to own and it’s a glimpse back into your own past that provides you with a perspective you may never have had before. Whether the letters you find belong to a family member of yours or a stranger, it is still interesting to see how people communicated and learn about their stories.

Hidden Treasure

Admittedly you probably won’t find treasure, but the beauty is that you never really know until your safe is opened. As a matter of fact one couple found a safe buried in their floor. Once the safe was opened, they found around $50,000 worth of cash and a bottle of bourbon from the 1960s. Believe it or not, it gets even crazier from there. Also inside the safe was a book with a note, cryptic references to other places in their state, and a bingo card with three numbers circled that seemed to indicate that the recipient should prepare for a treasure hunt. If that doesn’t sound like fun, we don’t know what does! Could your safe contain hidden treasure? You never know until you open it up!

Your Trusted Safe Locksmith in Felton

Whether you are the sole owner of your safe, it’s been in your family for years, or you simply found it at a yard sale and you want to know what’s inside, look no further. The team at Pro-Lock and Safe in Felton can help you to crack your safe so you can enjoy its contents–whatever they may be. Hey, even if it’s empty, you still have a safe to store your valuables. Contact us today!